Life Coach Day - Testimonials


"The Game was fun, exciting, and eye opening…would definitely play again"
Imani Showalter (BBW LA)

"Playing the 'Ultimate Passion' game was just like having the 'perfect climax', you want to play it or get it again and again"
Ellis (Author)

"The Game confirmed what I already knew….I am living in my passion!"
Taj EnPhiniti (Singer/Songwriter)

"I loved the game, it ensued very stimulating conversation. I wanted to play longer but we ran out of time"
Jackie Christie (BBW LA)

Akema Day is a very effective Life Coach and continues to successfully educate and empower individuals in my community. I found her "Ultimate Passion" game, equally as potent!
John Johnson (Chair-President/Mott Haven Houses)

"When you follow your Passion, You will discover your Purpose, Success is sure to follow"

- Life Coach Akema Day