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Akema Johnson-Day is a certified Life Coach, Guidance Counselor, Intervention Specialist, as well as an Innovator, Author and Motivational Speaker. Life Coach Day shares her gifts with the world through workshops and seminars with her non-profit company "The Seventh Seal Group Inc.". She provides life coaching as well as career & relationship counseling and a plethora of educational and enrichment workshops. Life Coach Akema Day's recent appearances on VH1's new hit show 'Basketball Wives LA" will give its millions of viewers the opportunity to see Akema in action. The strategies she's used for years has proven to uncover hidden passion and provide the tools her Clients need to achieve future success. This self titled Passionologist, only months away from her PhD in Psychology, advances forward by creating her own vocational theory called PPS "Passion, Purpose and Success". Coach Day gives individuals a variety of techniques and therapeutic strategies that assist in self exploration, career identification, and life preservation.. Learn More

Life and Business Coaching

Akema specializes in Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development. As an experienced Life Coach and Mentor, she has had the pleasure of working with celebrities, blue & white collars, executives, leaders, and business owners; helping them to peel beneath layers of the surface and discovering true passion while operating in their purpose. Her Client’s learn how to bring the spark back into their personal and professional lives. 
 “ I help my clients to discover their untapped talents! This stimulates them to create, set, and achieve new goals while optimizing all viable opportunities." 
Akema Johnson-Day 


Results Driven Process

My goal is to help you bring the greatness within …out of you! I will share with you strategies on how to use your special gifts to live a fulfilled and purposed life. One that is unique and designed just for you. Here's how we'll work together: Continue Reading

What is Success

"The achievement of something desired, planned or attempted"

Few people can give a complete definition of Success. They look at individuals with a lot of money and view that as success. Yes… Success may include fame and fortune, but only YOU can determine what success means to YOU. Is it a happy marriage? Is it accomplishing business milestones? One key factor is the realization that Success does not just happen, it's a process. A part of that process is defining what success means to you and identifying your Passion(s). Very Successful people have one thing in common; they are operating in their Passion!


 "Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow."

                                           — Plato


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A life coach assist individual's in creating a successful and fulfilling life, based on their own values.

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"Akema Day is a very effective Life Coach and continues to successfully educate and empower individuals in my community. I found her "Ultimate Passion" game, equally as potent! !  "
John Johnson (Chair-President/Mott Haven Houses)